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Vintages 2016

Burgundians love stories with a happy ending! That of 2016 will remain in the memories for a long time. The wines of this vintage are excellent, in spite of the climatic hazards which have badly affected vines and men during the campaign. One year after the harvest, there is no longer any doubt that 2016, although small in quantity, is a great vintage in terms of quality. After a mild winter, nothing let us imagine that the spring would be marked by the unexpected drop of polar cold, which reached the vineyard at the end of April and caused an episode of frost unprecedented in its geographical extent. Occasional episodes of hail in the Mâcon region and the north of the vineyard once again reduced the harvest potential. The extraordinary rainfall in the spring also complicated the work in the vineyard. Fortunately, June saw the return of sunshine and heat. The vine starts its cycle again. Flowering, setting and ripening went smoothly, thanks also to a good late season. The harvest began on 20 September and continued until mid-October.

Source : BIVB